Tolerance Analysis Extension [TAE] for PTC® Creo® Training

Fundamentals of Tolerance Analysis Using Tolerance Analysis Extension for PTC® Creo®

Course Description

This combined instructor-led and laboratory course provides students using the PTC Creo Tolerance Analysis Extension with hands-on training on the Fundamentals of Tolerance Analysis within the Tolerance Analysis Extension environment.

Course Objectives

When designing a product in a CAD system, it is important to remember that the CAD model is a perfect, theoretical representation of that product. However, when the product is manufactured, there will always be some variation in the dimensions of individual parts over an entire product run.

Using Tolerance Analysis Extension for PTC Creo, the objective of this course is to provide students with the fundamentals of how to achieve the delicate balance between tight tolerances desired by engineering to achieve the best product performance and loose tolerances desired by manufacturing to reduce costs and maximize process capability.

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to apply the fundamental tolerance stack knowledge that they have gained through the exercises using Tolerance Analysis Extension. Students will learn how to create a model, analyze the variation on the product and interpret the results — all in one, easy-to-use environment.


  • Basic knowledge of GD&T terminology
  • Knowledge and accessibility to PTC Creo
  • Basic PTC Creo modeling skills


Day 1

  • Introduction to Tolerance Stacks
  • Part Stacks Using Coordinate Dimensions
  • Part Stacks Using Runout, Profile and Position Controls

Day 2

  • Assembly Stacks Using Coordinate Dimensions
  • Assembly Stacks Using Geometric Tolerances
  • Assembly Stacks Using Multiple Geometric Tolerances

Throughout the course, tolerance analysis experts will be available to work with students on their own models and discussing best practices when integrating tolerance analysis into a product development process.

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