Tolerance Analysis Training Course

Tolerance Analysis Training Course   [20 hours]

The Tolerance Analysis Training Course will help you understand how to calculate and manage variation and its implications on product performance. (ASME or ISO GD&T)

  • Explanation, comparison and calculation of worst-case and statistical techniques
  • How to perform stackups with +\- and GD&T
  • Address assemblability, fit, maintaining clearance, ensuring contact, maintaining wall thickness & machining stock, alignment
  • Compare dimensioning & tolerancing & design strategies
  • Methods to model geometric variation from dimensions and tolerances, GD&T, and assembly processes
  • Understand sources of variation and its effects on assemblies
  • Assembly modeling process, determining if the design, GD&T, and assembly process will yield acceptable results
  • How to correct geometry problems found through analysis
  • Understand, calculate, and model the cumulative variation
  • Know if the design and GD&T specified leads to parts and assemblies that will meet their intended requirements

Dimensional Management Workshops   [8 hours]

Business and implementation strategies for GD&T and tolerance analysis.

  • Dimensional management principles
  • Implementation strategies and reviews
  • Timing of activities and reviews
  • Participation by various groups, roles of participants, documentation requirements, feedback loops
  • Discussion of implementation for your projects in your environment
  • How to include dimensional management and how it will affect your customers and suppliers

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